If you are designing a complex system, its Validation & Verification will probably be complex as well, distributed over :

  • early validation virtual benches
  • equipment level Test benches
  • full system integration bench

In a context of tight plannings and costs optimization, it is crucial to define a proper V&V Strategy that  identifies what shall be tested, when and which means are required.

And you probably can’t afford to wait for the system to be built to start thinking of this strategy.

Our viewpoint allows you to start defining your V&V strategy and the different required Test Means as soon as Logical Architecture phase and later on in Physical Architecture.

Define the V&V strategy

  • Define V&V objectives
  • Identify Units under Tests
  • Breakdown Testing Strategy into Test campaigns
  • Specify functional tests

Specify the Test Means

  • Define the Test Benches
  • Compute the functional scope required for a campaign
  • Specify the simulated scope of the bench
  • Check coverage and consistency

Capella V&V/TestMeans viewpoints : a short demo

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