Tideal and Arinc 653 viewpoint

If you are designing a real time system, there may be some critical deadline constraints that should never be missed in order to ensure the safety and the good functional behavior of the system.

On complex systems, real time behavior is hard to validate:

  • Formal validation is not always possible (validation tools are not applicable)
  • Real system simulation is only possible at later stage of development
  • Simulation is not validation
  • There may be gap between the system designed and the real time behavior analysis model.

From real time behavior specification …

  • Define the real time behavior
  • Define the end to end deadline
  • Define the scope of the analysis

… to simulation/analysis results.

  • Execute Analysis / Simulation
  • Analyse results and debug timing errors
  • Visualize performance results

Capella Tideal viewpoint : a short demo

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